Reindeer Dash for Cash Pace Team

What is a pace team?

A pace team is a group of runners who run together during the Dash for Cash 10 Miler.  They share the same finish time goal (from 1:10-2:10) and help one another stay on pace. Running together gives the group a collective energy and enthusiasm that supports and enhances everybody's race experience. 

What paces will the Fleet Feet Sports Pacers be running?

  •       1:10 (7:00 pace) 
  •       1:15 (7:30 pace)
  •       1:20 (8:00 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:25 (8:30 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:30 (9:00 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:35 (9:30 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:40 (10:00 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:45 (10:30 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:50 (11:00 pace) (we have a pacer)
  •       1:55 (11:30 pace)
  •       2:00 (12:00 pace)
  •       2:05 (12:30 pace)

Why run with a pace team?
The Fleet Feet Sports Pacers will help you to run a smart race all while enjoying the company of your fellow runners.  Make the Dash for Cash 10 miler your best (and most fun!) race yet!  Relax in the company of experienced runners who will help you to achieve your goals and keep you smiling for your race day photos.  Turn your race day into a celebration of your training this fall with the Fleet Feet Sports Pacers!


  • Can motivate and inspire others in a positive manner
  • Has completed at least 2 races at your desired distance.
  • Is willing to run for the purpose of pacing and not for your own race
  • Can maintain a desired pace or has access to GPS watch or GPS app for pace guidance
  • Is a people person and has a desire to help others achieve their goals
  • Warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that you made a difference in someone's running and/or walking
  • Free entry into the Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 Miler

Pick a pace that is 45 or more seconds slower then race pace

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