Spring Programs

Please note that for safety reasons all Winter and Spring training programs will require you to wear lights and reflective gear for afternoon training sessions.

The Big Run 5K Training Program: 

Our award-winning 5K Training Program is designed to help runners of all levels reach their goals and make new personal records.  The program are tailored for each athlete depending on their experience level to help everyone meet their athletic goals. 

  • The 2019 program is closed for registration 
You can still register for The Big Run goal race happening on June 5 - Click Here

Spring Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Program: (You will need to sign up in store to officially register for this program!)

This program is great for experienced triathletes to first timers, and athletes of all ability levels who want to learn, refine, or advance their triathlon skills.  Coordinated by a coach team who has years of triathlon and run coaching experience, athletes will be well trained and motivated on how to swim, bike, and run like the athletes they see on TV.  We will work on building your racing form, transition, and race nutrition to help calm your nerves and beat the competition. This program has two group workout sessions per week, with a once a month coached bike session on the weekend. Each training session will be geared towards to all levels.

Nervous about the swim?  Not sure how to set up in transition?  Not sure about the rules?  Don't worry!  Our coaches and staff will help you train both physically and mentally.  You will arrive on race day confident and well prepared with a group of friends who have worked together throughout training.  During this program we will have a few race preparation sessions to help you understand the techniques and nuances with the sport of triathlon.  We will be training for the Outer Banks Triathlon, but you do not have to sign up for that specific race if there was a different race you wanted to race.  Participants must bring their own bikes, must wear helmets for all group rides, and must have a beginners knowledge of swimming.  We will be focusing on swimming technique and how to be more efficient in the water.

This program pairs well with the Spring Warrior program.  Experienced athletes and triathletes are encouraged to do these programs together.

  • Registration Opens: Monday, February 25th
  • Program Start: April 30
  • Program Length: 20 weeks
  • Price: $250*
    • You will need to sign up in store or over the phone to officially register for this program!
    • Price includes gym membership to the Greenville Aquatics Center
    • FFRC Members get a 20% discount!
    • Greenville Aquatics Center members will receive $60 off the cost of the program
    • Comparable prices for triathlon coaching can range from $100-200 per month
    • Discounts cannot be combined for this program
  • Group Training Days: Tuesdays at 6:00pm (run), Thursdays at 5:30am (swim), and group meetings every other Saturday.  One Saturday will be a group bike ride and the other will be a triathlon clinic focusing on nutrition, injury prevention, and more.
  • Goal Race: Outer Banks Triathlon (September 14th or 15th depending on distance)
    • Although we have set this as our goal race, the program was planned to train anyone with a goal race around the month of September.  You do not need to sign up for our goal race to train with this program.  Feel free to contact us to learn about other race options.

*Sign up link is to gauge interest.  You will need to sign up in store or over the phone to officially register for this program!

Fleet Feet's Summer Training Program: Powered by ON RUNNING

This FREE 8 week training program is designed to help you maintain your fitness and endurance between seasons.  Whether your goal is to get in shape, get faster, or workout enough to maintain your fitness; THIS IS THE PLAN FOR YOU!  Our workouts are designed to get you out and moving.  Build running strength, develop muscle endurance, and enhance your running community.  Coaches will guide you through weekly workouts that focus on speed and efficiency using interval training on the track and on hills.  We meet twice a week for group workouts.

Tuesday mornings we will be meeting at the J.H. Rose High School Track and will be challenged to build strength, speed, and endurance with workouts specifically designed for the track.  You will be amazed with your improved overall fitness from these challenging and fun sessions. 

Thursday mornings we will be meeting at Fleet Feet to focus on running form and running endurance. Our Thursday workouts are designed with a combination of hill work, form drills, and pacing workouts to help you run faster and with more efficiency.  

  • Program Start: June 1st
  • Program End: July 23rd
  • Program Length: 8 weeks
  • Price: FREE
    • Participants will receive ON Running perks, education, and shoe demo opportunities
  • Group Training Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00am

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