One on One Coaching

At Fleet Feet, we offer many forms of coaching to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Our one on one coaching platform will allow our coaches to give you individualized attention to help you reach your goals.  Your coaches will design a customized program to fit your personal lifestyle, fitness level, and help you reach your goals. 

Although you will be coached individually, you will not be doing this alone.  All of our individually coached athletes are invited to join in on our group runs and group training days so you can meet other athletes that may have the same goals as you.  You may not be doing the same distance as them, but you will be able to train with others and help build a strong running community in Greenville!

One on one coaching isn't only for the elite athlete or those looking to run half and full marathons, but it is for anyone who wants to be coached and trained to reach their goals.  This program is great for anyone, especially those who want to have consistent year long training, those who want to train for a race that doesn't fall in line with our yearly scheduled training and race calendar, or those who want to build general endurance.

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Our coaching plans start at $125 per month and include the following perks:

  • Weekly Workout schedule with detailed daily workouts
  • Online Accessible Training Plan
  • Access to licensed Physical Therapist
  • 24hr Communication to your coach
  • Weekly in-person coaching session
  • In-person access to coach during store hours
  • Availability to schedule 1:1 meetings with coach
  • Advanced run, bike, or swim analysis
  • Training Plan with B and C races built into the 'A Race' schedule
  • Continual Adjustments to your Training Program Schedule
  • Limited adjustments to 'A Race' scheduled training plan
  • Pre-race in-person meeting, phone call or email to discuss race strategy
  • Quarterly in-person goal setting with your coach
  • Access to join in on additional group workouts with Fleet Feet athletes

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