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We offer training programs for everyone and for any distance!  Whether you're looking to get off the couch or want to tackle something longer, we can help you find the motivation to accomplish your goals. To find out more information about our various programs, join us for an open house, or click on the links below. Don't have time right now but want to get a reminder know when your favorite program is starting up? Click here to sign up and be the first one to know about upcoming programs.  Scroll down to see our complete list of training programs.

In addition to our group training programs, we also offer one on one coaching for athletes who are look for more individualized attention, who aren't able to make it to our group training plans, and even those who are the avid business traveler that wants to compete with the best, but feel they can't because of their busy schedule.  Allow our coaching staff to create a customized plan to help you meet your goals.  Click here to fill out an interest form and let one of our certified coaches reach out to you with more information. 

Of course, we can't forget our partners at Crazy Running, perfect for introducing and encouraging running in kids ages 5 to 14. Click Here to learn more about Crazy Running's awesome after school and park programs to get your child active and healthy!

Remember by signing up for any of our training program automatically signs you up for our Fleet Fleet Running Club (FFRC) and those who are already members of the FFRC receive 20% off* of the training program sign up cost!

*Discount does not apply to Crazy Running programs.

Please note that for safety reasons all Winter and Spring training programs will require you to wear lights and reflective gear, and Fall and Summer training programs must have hydration with them. 

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Fall Bridge: This training program is designed to bridge the game between the fall and winter programs for those who are not interested in participating in the Full Marathon program.  Whether your goal is to get in shape, get faster, or bridge the gap between seasons; THIS IS THE PLAN FOR YOU!  

Warrior Series - These program are designed for those that want to get fast, maintain their endurance between training programs, kickoff their race season, or get some solid cross training.  These programs will get you in shape and maintain fitness for the season, and is great for beginners to advanced athletes.  

10K and 5K Training Programs - Our award-winning 5K and 10K Training Programs are designed to help runners of all levels reach their goals and make new personal records.  The program are tailored for each athlete depending on their experience level to help everyone meet their athletic goals. 

Half and Full Marathon Training Programs - The Half and Full Marathon training programs are build for the runner looking to add a distance race to their medal wall.  Our experienced coaches make sure these programs are great for anyone and everyone! Brooks has partnered with us for our Full and Half training programs for the 2019 season - look at the detailed information to learn more about what this partnership provides!

Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Program - No matter your experience level, our program is designed to teach you the basics and get you moving!  Great for beginners and experienced athletes, this program will help you get faster and develop better form in all three disciplines.  

Fleet Feet Summer Training Program - This program is designed for beginners and advanced athletes looking to run with others in the summer.  This free program will get you in shape and maintain fitness for the season.  We hope to get you started on your fitness journey, sign up today!

One on One Coaching Program - If you want something more specific for your level of fitness or to help you train for a goal race different than the training programs we offer, this is a great option for you.  Let our certified coaches customize a plan for you to help you reach your maximum potential! Click here to fill out an interest form and let one of our certified coaches reach out to you with more information. 

Curious about our weather policy?  Click here to learn more about when we would cancel or still host practice!

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Love running, want to get the best deals, want to be "in the know" for all that we have to offer! Fleet Feet Running Club is the right options for you! Receive awesome members only perks, discounts, and events!
Click her to sign up and learn more about the Fleet Feet Running Club (FFRC) today 

Maybe you don't want to train for a specific race but are looking for a group run.  Throughout the year we will offer free group walk/runs with distances from 1-5+ miles from our store, Uptown Brewing, and more!
Click here to learn more about our group runs

If you can't make it to a group run, but want the best running routes you came to the right place.  All of our routes are mapped and posted on Garmin Connect labeled "FFGVL - (route name)."  No worries if you don't have a Garmin device, it is FREE to sign up and FREE to see the routes!
Click here to check out Garmin Connect and look up our routes

Curious about our weather policy?  Click here to learn more about when we would cancel or still host practice!


It is through FFRC that enabled me to achieve what I "thought" was impossible---a 13.1!!
- Yolanda James

Prior to Fleet Feet, I couldn't run more than 3 miles without stopping. Two half marathon trainings later, I have reached goals I never thought possible. Sign up for a program and I promise you won't regret it!
- Katie Nagler

The training programs helped me stick to a training plan, it was great to have someone to do long runs with, and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships. The Fleet Feet staff provided great support and encouragement, but most importantly the programs are fun!!!!
- Kandy Houmard

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