Photo Shoot

Ready to be a model?

Here is a quick rundown of what we are looking for.  We are going to hold 2 sessions of "staged" running photo ops each with 2 -3 sessions.  These sessions could be 15-30 minutes.  These photos will then be used in your local Fleet Feet Sports Greenville store as part of the design layout.  We are trying to capture local runners running in local iconic areas.  FYI I do not plan on replacing these anytime soon, meaning they will be up for years to come!  Below are session details.  Then below is a sign up form for each session.  Please sign up for 1 session.

What to wear:
Running gear
Prefer name branded gear- Altra, Asics, Balega, Brooks, CEP, Feetures!, Hoka, Mizuno, Nike, New Balance, ON, Saucony
Fleet Feet branded items if you have them!

What not to wear:
Race T-shirts UNLESS it is a local race
Nothing that shows a logo from any competitor

Saturday Morning Sept 9th:
8am- Coffee shop/Evans St. 2-3 people.  Wearing running gear but casually chatting.  Then running as a group up Evans St.
8:30 am- Bridge photos at Town Common group run. 5 people max
9:30am- ECU campus shots (College aged adults preferred) 5 people max

Saturday Afternoon Sept 9th:
5pm- Green Mill Run Greenway 5 people max for different shots along the Greenway


Thank you!

email me with questions:


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