Fun Runs

Monthly Fun Runs

Our monthly fun runs are all free and only require you to sign up online, which includes the running waiver.  Most, if not all, of our runs will start from our store parking lot and have multiple route options.

We, here at Fleet Feet, believe that RUNNING CHANGES EVERYTHING and want to empower and encourage everyone to meeting their fitness goals through the sport of running.  We plan these fun runs to help build a cohesive running community in Eastern North Carolina, through events where everyone will have a good time.

Go Pink! 2018 fun run flyer9/29 at 7:30am - Go Pink! Grit & Grace Fun Run: This run kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and celebrates National Coffee Day. A percentage of our sales of select products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Relief Fun Run

- Special thanks to our co-sponsors:
CLICK HERE to learn more about this run!

10/27 at 8:00am - Birthday RunStarting from the store, this run is planned to celebrate our 1yr anniversary of being open.  We will have an Expo set up with our store brands to celebrate this occasion and introduce you to some great gear!

11/24 at 8:00am - PJ RunStarting from the store, this event is planned to be fun and to collect PJs to donate to those in need.

12/15 - Bearded Half-Marathon: More info to come

Purple Gold Run 2018 Flyer 9/1 at 8:00am - Purple Gold Run: Starting from the store, this event was planed to kick off the ECU football season!  With three distances    for routes correlating to football scoring options (3 mile = field goal, 7 mile = touchdown, and 10 mile = both), we had 90 runners taking in all distance options.
- Special thanks to our co-sponsors:
DUCK DONUTS who donated 6 dozen donuts and coffee
PUBLIX who donated 4 cases of water in an ice filled cooler

Stay tuned for more run information!

All social runs are at your own risk.  For your safety, it is recommended that you follow the See and Be Seen strategy.  (Wear reflectivity accessories/apparel, and use a headlamp or carry a light).  You are expected to be courteous and share the sidewalk with others not running with the group.  You are expected to follow the rules of the road, and obey all traffic signals, signs, etc.

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