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We offer programs for everyone!  Whether you're looking to get off the couch or want to tackle something longer, we can help you find the motivation to accomplish your goals.  Maybe you don't want to train for a specific race but are looking for a group run.  Fleet Feet Running Club has options for you!

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Group Run- Throughout the year we will offer free group walk/runs with distances from 1-5+ miles from our store and we will have weekly Pub Runs starting this year.

Finish Programs - The goal of finish programs is to finish the distance you want to complete.  This could be 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon. If you are looking to get off the couch or find accountability with a group, our Coaches and Mentors will help you cross the finish line of your first race. These programs are supportive of both beginner runners and walkers.  Our finish programs are designed to help you accomplish your goals, keep you injury free and allow you to have fun while running and walking!  We will also offer education in safety & visibility, hydration, nutrition management and mush more.

Fast Programs - Whether you're a casual runner looking to get faster, go a little further our "Fast" training programs can push you to the next level. Delve a little deeper into the world of running with new training techniques -- including speed training/conditioning -- and continue to build on your education in safety & visibility, hydration, nutrition management and many more. Throughout the program, you'll gradually increase your mileage as you train to be mentally and physically fit to endure longer and harder runs. As always, the same great coaches and mentors will be with you every step of the way!

Speed Demons - Everyone wants to become stronger and faster.  High school athlete playing another sport then this is for you!  5K runner that wants to get faster then sign up!  Distance runner that wants to sharpen their training with speed, what are you waiting for?  All can benefit from Speed Demons!  More to come soon!

 Youth Programs -  Of course, we can't forget our partners at Crazy Running, perfect for introducing and encouraging running in kids ages 5 to 14. 

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