Free Weekly Runs

Looking for a running group that is FREE?  Then look no further.  Check out our weekly groups below.  ALL are welcome no matter your fitness or running goal.  Please join us and just have fun!  We love to have fun with our runs, so don't be surprised if we do give-a-ways, promos or themes at our runs.

Group/Social Runs

Weekly Pub Runs with Uptown Brewing - Every Wednesday, 6pm. 1, 3, and 5 mile options.  Route sheets will be provided.

<NEW!> Weekly Coffee Club Run/Walk with Black Beard Coffee Roasters - Every Saturday, 7am. 1, 3, and 5 mile options.  Route sheets will be provided. Starting in OCTOBER 2018!

Monthly Fun Runs

We host monthly fun runs from our store and are free for all!  We only require you to sign up online, which includes the running waiver. 

Click here to learn more about our runs

All social runs are at your own risk.  For your safety, it is recommended that you follow the See and Be Seen strategy.  (Wear reflectivity accessories/apparel, and use a headlamp or carry a light).  You are expected to be courteous and share the sidewalk with others not running with the group.  You are expected to follow the rules of the road, and obey all traffic signals, signs, etc.

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